February, 2015

Three Steps to an Efficient Commercial Kitchen Design

In business time is money and this is never truer than in the Hospitality Industry. An efficiently designed layout, particularly in the kitchen, allows you to serve more customers faster.



1: Services

The first thing I look at in a new restaurant site is services. If you need a Food Business License and are looking at cooking you will need a Grease Trap and Exhaust Canopy. Both of these can be costly if you are looking at installing services from scratch. If you have not yet signed a lease either look for a premises that has already been a food tenancy or try to negotiate services as a provision in your lease agreement.


2: Understanding Your Needs

As the business owner you will have a good idea of staff, workflow and how well your current kitchen works for your business. Even more important, you will know what is not efficient and what you would like to do differently. Before you get started on creating a new venue or redesigning your existing space, it is important for you to sit down with an experienced designer to thoroughly discuss your needs, equipment and functionality of the space. A good designer will listen to your needs and help you improve business productivity by designing a practical floor plan that works for your business.


Before speaking with the designer, make sure you are as clear as possible on the menu, workflow and requirements of your kitchen space as well as your dining areas. What storage will you need? How much of your storage needs to be refrigerated? How much food preparation will you be doing? What equipment will you need? Are you planning on expanding in the near future and need more preparation space?


3: Understanding Workflow

To maximize the number of customers you can serve during peak periods, It is crucial that there are no inefficiencies designed into your floorplan. Within a commercial kitchen, the least amount of steps and movement required to complete a task, the more efficient your staff will be. Good food and good service is important for bringing in customers, however a functionally designed floor plan is equally as important and it can play a vital role in the satisfaction of your customers.

How important is your Brand?

With new hospitality and retail stores popping up all over Brisbane, what helps your business stand out from the rest?


Your brand.


We all have those moments of walking past a store or restaurant deciding whether to go in. What is it that prompts us to step inside the door or to keep walking? To decide to enter a place we have never been to before there must be something that we find appealing; it might be the colors, the style, the graphics or even the aroma.

Branding is more than just a logo. Having an aesthetically pleasing branding design scheme incorporated into your business and interior design will not only give your customers confidence in your business, but also help them understand who you are and what you do. Usually we go to places we like, there is something in the brand that both appeals to us and expresses something about us.


A good designer will take into consideration the audience you are wishing to inform, the different mediums your band will be communicated in, the aim of the message and the functionality. If your market understand your brand you will attract more of the customers you want and business will increase.


A large percentage of people remember what they see rather than what they hear or read. A strong and creative brand will ensure people will remember you and you will stand out from your competitors.