April, 2015

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Restaurant?

Starting a Restaurant Business

Starting your own business can be a little overwhelming and exciting at the same time. Opening up a small café or restaurant takes careful planning to achieve the plan or goal you have in mind. The first step involves a lot of brainstorming, until you come up with a solid business plan. This is where you decide what you want to achieve and how much you are willing to shell out for your business. That being said, it would be best to figure out how much it would cost you to start a restaurant.

Lease and Tenancy Expenses

First on the long list of expenses would be the rent, assuming that you don’t own the place where you will be opening up your restaurant. The amount of money that you will be spending for the lease agreement would depend on the location and the size of the place that you will be renting. It’s ideal to have at least three options before deciding which location would be best for your business.

Renovation and Interior Design

After you have decided where to open up your business, the next set of expenses that you will incur will be for the renovations and interior design. This includes materials for the renovation, furniture and equipment necessary for the business to be up and running, as well as the labour cost for the experts that you will be hiring to do the renovation and the interior design.

You may ask, is this really necessary? As a matter of fact, yes. Most often than not, aesthetics can affect your business. Beautiful interiors tend to attract more customers as compared to those that are not.

Feel free to contact our designer, Alisa, on 0415 199 466 for some creative advice to get you started. She can help you decide what concept, design or style would work best for the restaurant that you are looking into opening, and she can also help you document the entire process for future references.

Build your Restaurant Staff

As soon as you have finished renovating the place and making it aesthetically attractive to the naked eye, you can start managing your finances to cover the expenses for the restaurant staff that you need to hire. The basics would include a chef, an assistant, the waiting staff, dish washer, cashier, and other relevant positions that need to be filled with qualified candidates.

How many people do you need to keep the daily operations running smoothly? How much will they be earning? What are their responsibilities? What is the sitting capacity of your restaurant and how many waiting staff do you need to cover this? These are just some of the things that you need to think about.

Stock up and Start Serving

After you have successfully sorted out the finances that you will be shelling out for the restaurant staff, you can now begin to set aside the money for the restaurant stock. This means that you will have to decide when to stock and restock. Think about how much you need to spend for the ingredients so you can start stocking up and serving your customers with dishes that will make them crave for more.

Advertise and Market your Restaurant

As soon as you have everything you need to open up your new business, you can probably spend a couple extra bucks for some decent ads and fliers to give your business some exposure and let your customers know that you’re ready to serve them. To save money, you can also make use of social media platforms to reach out to your target market.

If you need some help, don’t hesitate to call our designer, Alisa, on 0415 199 466 so she can introduce you to the right people.


New Trends in Office Design

Office trends come and go. What may be popular today may no longer be the trend tomorrow.  In office design, it’s important to not only make the office look pleasing but to ensure that the office space is fully utilised as well.

Many office designs today lean towards space-saving as a primary goal. Working with an experienced interior designer can help you make your office look beautiful and at the same time be conducive to work. If this is something that you think would be beneficial to you, please feel free to give our designer, Alisa, a call on 0415199466 for further assistance. She can help you redesign and reinvent your office to give it a fresh new look to maximise productivity and workflow.

Multi-function Work Stations

Many offices today prefer low-panelled cubicles for easier interaction rather than the traditional solitary, walled-in work stations. True that the latter offers more privacy but for jobs that require frequent interaction, the former is more suitable and has become a popular pick for most office designs today. This is especially true for projects that need plenty of collaborations. Need some alone time to finish a report? You can always throw in an extra work lounge or two and a quiet room to make the work place well-utilised and suitable for work.

Clean and Green

Ever noticed that work seems to be a lot easier if you are in a good mood? Keeping the office space clutter-free gives it a more positive vibe. Adding some live plants will give it an earthly feel, and more often than not, this results to increased energy which in turn makes work easier.

Wide Open Spaces

This type of office design is perfect for jobs that require a lot of brainstorming and interaction. Using a sturdy table and a lot of chairs to accommodate a number of people is the main goal here. Installing whiteboards give employees the opportunity to visualise their brilliant ideas. An open work space helps build dynamic team plays and promotes a sense of camaraderie because the opportunity to interact with others is always present.

Bold Colours Scream Confidence

Gone are the days of the boring white walls. Fashion and design-related jobs tend to create an environment that can trigger all the senses to work sharper than ever. Putting together art pieces and bold colours can inspire the workers to unleash their creative side and spur-of-the-moment ideas. There’s no room for boredom for this kind of office space design.

Revamping your office to give it a new look is a good idea if you want to re-define who you are and what your company is all about. Who knows? This could actually bring you more prospects. Not sure where to start? Call our designer, Alisa on 0415199466 for some creative advice.