General approvals

The approvals you will need before opening your restaurant will depend on both the location and the scope of the building works you are proposing. Speak with your designer upfront to ensure you understand what approvals are needed because this can have a significant impact on the timeframes for starting construction.

Development Approval

If you are constructing a new building or looking at changing the use of the site, such as putting a restaurant or bar into a residential site, you will be more likely to trigger the requirement for a development approval or planning permit. However, town-planning requirements differ depending on the area and zone your site is situated in, so it is always best to check with a qualified town planner as your first step.
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Building Approval

If you are making any changes to the structure, shopfront, tenancy walls or access to your tenancy, you will usually need a building approval or building permit. Many business owners assume that the local council will inspect your completed fit-out and point out any issues with construction or any areas that don’t meet the building code. In fact, this role is usually taken care of by a private building certifier.
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Liquor Licence

If you wish to sell alcohol, in most cases, you will need a liquor licence. Liquor licences are issued by the Office of Liquor and Gaming in each state. The application will usually involve an assessment of community impact and public objection and may include public advertisement. There is also a requirement to ensure all staff are familiar with responsible service of alcohol and adequately trained.
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Council Approvals

There are a number of approvals that will need to be lodged with the council before you can open a food business. The name and requirements of these vary from state to state and even between local councils. You will be able to find general information on your local council website. The process for these approvals is fairly straightforward if you are working with a designer who is familiar with designing food businesses.The following approvals are usually required for a new restaurant in Queensland.

Food Business Licence

Your local council will have a guide that covers the requirements for the design and fit-out of a food premises. The purpose of food licencing is to ensure that your restaurant design, and specifically your kitchen area, is set up and maintained according to food safety standards. The design requirements typically cover kitchen layout, materials, wash areas, allowances for cleaning and the vermin proofing of your kitchen. As long as you are working with an experienced designer, you can leave all of this to them.
To find out more about Food Licencing in Brisbane, visit The Brisbane City Council website here.

Plumbing and Drainage Approval

As part of your food business licence application or registration, you will also need to submit your plumbing and drainage plan to the council. A plumbing and drainage approval may be triggered if you are adding additional fittings or drainage points to a tenancy. This includes adding or altering a grease trap, adding sinks or floor waste drainage, and any equipment that needs to be connected to water or drainage.
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Advertising Signage

To find out more, visit the Brisbane City Council website here.

Footpath Dining

To find out more, visit the Brisbane City Council website here.