Open Restaurants that Flourish

• Is the growth of your business tied to your time?

• Do you have a lack of capital or finding it difficult accessing finance?

• Are fitout costs blowing out?

• Is your schedule running behind?

• Are you struggling to attract customers?

• Are you stressed as you try and juggle managing a business and opening new stores?

This book will guide you through a clear step-by-step process that gives away the six secret ingredients

that will allow any restaurant owner to build a leading brand.

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What you will learn in this book

How to Create a Remarkable Experience

How to Create a Remarkable Experience

Secure a Winning Location

How to Secure a Winning Location

WOW Store Design

How to Create a WOW Store Design


How to Manage Approvals and Compliances

Build to Budget

How to Build to Budget

Who should read this book




Want-to-be Restaurateurs




Food Business Owners



Howard Book Recommendation
“Anyone considering opening a restaurant or cafe MUST read this book first!
Alisa’s advice will save you a fortune and possibly many years of frustration!
— Howard Tinker. Restaurant Profits

Ben Book Recommendation
“I wish I had this book in my hands 10 years ago. Alisa shares her love and
passion for business and customer service. This is a must read for anyone
starting out or looking to grow a hospitality business.
— Ben Coyle. The Cafe Guy

Alisa Newey

About the author

Alisa Newey is a vibrant CEO and lead designer for Renew Design, an interior design studio with a mandate to use design to solve real problems. Alisa’s career has spanned Architecture and Industrial Design as well as Fashion Design. She has exhibited her work internationally and has lectured in Design for Griffith University. Alisa describes herself as a creative problem solver. She believes every business owners deserves the best opportunity for success and is endlessly passionate about bringing together creative ideas and operational experience to create business that flourish.

Alisa has an unconventional view of her role as a designer. She believes the best cafes, restaurants and venues are collaborations between an experienced business owner, who contributes the operational knowledge and customer insights, and a design team who can translate this into a remarkable store design. Alisa is inspired to use design to solve real problems and create environments that contribute to the success of the businesses she works with.

Alisa’s passions are new experiences, adventure and food. She has bartered for antiques in the crowded Bazaars in Istanbul, ridden camels across the desert in India, sampled deep fried insects and green coconut jelly in the markets of Lao, savoured tiny plates of tapas in Madrid, lingered over homemade seafood linguine in a seaside Trattoria in Italy and eaten pickled herrings and cheese in a local market in Amsterdam – all in the name of experience. Having eaten her way around the world, Alisa’s vision is to see vibrant Australian cities full of unique and thriving restaurants, cafes and bars. She brings this energy and zest for adventure with her as she transforms little pieces of Brisbane, the city she calls home.