How to Use Bulb Grease (Quick Guide)

How to Use Bulb Grease

Learn the importance of using a bulb grease, how to use it with caution, and how it greatly helps in maintaining light bulbs as well as other devices.

Are you pissed with a light bulb that suddenly stops working? Do you feel even more frustrated when one gets stuck in its socket? Have you been trying to evade these situations to happen but failed to do so? Brace yourself! You are in the right place. We can give you the solution that you have been searching for.

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If left unchecked, your light bulb might be filled with rust which can eventually cause it to stop functioning.
If left unchecked, your light bulb might be filled with rust which can eventually cause it to stop functioning.

Why Your Light Bulb Might Stop Working

We actually have several culprits to blame for issues with light bulbs. However, the most common problem we encounter is a non-functional one. This may be caused by corrosion in the bulb sockets themselves.

What leads to this horrifying corrosion issue? Why does a bulb get stuck in its socket? 

Too much moisture on your light bulb can cause it to become corroded over time. Source:

A tightly enclosed bulb burns out rapidly and often gets stuck in its own socket. This is due to a lack of, or worse, an absence of ventilation. Indeed, heat is the enemy that we need to deal with. Bear in mind that moisture can also be a contributing factor.

That said, you need to take action in order to avoid this nasty situation by using a non-conductive insulating lubricant. Knowing how to use bulb grease would make a great difference!

Materials Needed

  • Dielectric grease – this can be bought in hardware and electrical supply stores. You can also check online shops for your convenience. We highly recommend that you do your research and readings first to familiarize the product. You can find information on the product’s company website. If you are still not confident enough with all the information you have gathered, you can ask for help from electricians or experts.
  • A light bulb (or connector), small screwdriver, cloth, wire brush, water, and baking soda

Be careful in handling the connector and the bulb. Avoid breaking or damaging them. This will save you money and time. Use the cloth to wipe the bulb. Then, make use of the small wire brush and a mixture of baking soda with water to apply slight pressure to thoroughly clean the connector. Please make sure to only scrape off the debris; do not include a part of the connector.

Steps to Follow

  1. Remove the light bulb from the socket or unplug the connector and clean them. Be mindful as well of the possible electrical hazards. Be extra careful and cautious. 
  2. Ensure that the connector and the lightbulb thread is completely clean. This will allow the bulb grease to fully do its protective and preventive work on the items. This will also enable the bulb to function properly.
  3. Be careful not to break the item/s (light bulb or connector) while removing it.
  4. Apply directly to the silicone ring and the bulb’s electrical connector. Make sure to apply the dielectric grease around the base of the light bulb’s silicone ring. You may also apply a small quantity to the surfaces of the electrical connector where they meet. The grease will prevent future corrosion. Remember to put the grease only in rubber and plastic. Do not put it into metals and glasses.
  5. Insert the bulb into the light socket and wash your hands thoroughly. If grease will squeeze out upon reinserting the bulb into the socket, wipe it off with a cloth. Make sure that there is no excess grease.
    After that, wash your hands thoroughly. This is to ensure the product will not stay on your skin for too long to avoid any irritation.

Final Thoughts

Using a bulb grease on your light bulb will help protect it from water entry and even keep rust to a minimum. As a result, you’re basically prolonging the life of your light bulb. By following the abovementioned steps on how to use bulb grease, you’ll be enjoying an even longer-lasting light bulb.

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